Perdonar a lo Chonera

Current Mood: Matacaballos

iñaña, k’uyana, yachakuna, uyarikuna, iñaña, k’uyana, yachakuna, uyarikuna, iñaña, k’uyana, yachakuna, uyarikuna

Vete de aqui con esa baina
Mandalos al carajo
Todos esos pelo de color de ñoña asoliado
Esos chucha de tu madre
Mandalos a la mierda

Me cago en la hostia,
en la puta que te parió, gilipollas, cabrón
Me cago en la leche q mamastes

escucho. Aprendo. Amo. crezco. escucho. Aprendo. amo. Crezco. EscuCHo. Aprendo. AMo. CrEzco.

We are Pachamama
we have to love ourselves
we must remember
we must love each others something fiercely
pero, like not the oppressor abuser colonizer piece of shit diaBlancos

I mean to be vulgar
to unsettle your filthy nonsense
to hurt you both with words
and I will fuckin shank a bitch
fuck all that yt noise

I am a fuckin superShero
and everybody thinks so
maybe I’m sad this didn’t come out sooner
maybe I wish I allowed myself to not feel guilty or shameful of my brilliance

You grossass bitches tried to shrink me
tried to extract my be
to make me petty and envidiosos like you
to imitate Mean Girl shit
expecting me to act like I even know how to be mediocre

I am not a forgiver
fuck that shit

I have done nothing that needs an apology
I show myself compassion when I can, I remember
mis mayores me hacen acuerdo
we make sure we showing love to ourselves and all living beings around us

I have done some nasty shit, hurt people
sexist, mysogynist, antiBlack, antiTrans all that
but I already got atonement
I learned from that shit, that is “forgiveness to myself?”
no need to repent, that feels like colonial shit
that schadenfreude shit
that trauma porn shit

I treated myself the ways my environment trained me to
but I been unlearning all that for all this time
mis mayores a mi lado guiandome fuera de esa maldita situacion
I listen, I learn, I love, I act, I grow

l0ve, listen, Grow, learn, lo\/3, lisTinn gro lisen growe laf 1earnn luv gROW list-en list-10 ^ larn lissen GRohhhhh lav laugh *

Abuela Alina told me
Haz mierda todo

My first memories are not wanting to be like them
you taught me, well, gracias abuelita

we are appalled that your kind do people like that
that you feed your own children such vile, harmful, toxic waste
pero q asco como tratan a los mayores

I have worked a lot for many, many years to be exactly the person I am today.
I follow my own rules and codes of conduct.
I follow my own lead
I get creative
and I get shit done
I been know my path, my past, my every be
I have been led astray but it’s been one helluva ride
so I don’t need forgiveness
that word doesn’t make sense to me

i ain’t sorry
i got zero fucks to give you

Come correct
none of us is tryin to be nice to you

(to be continued)

“replaying the situation again and again in our mind – it can become a form of self-harm that does not serve us or the other person. A saying that exists in various forms states: “In fact, not forgiving or hanging on to resentment is like drinking poison and hoping that it will kill someone else.”

I replay situations to make things better – to better the world
maybe it’s my aquarius sun and dancing moon intj/p brain

Maybe it’s my Manabita Alma

My self harm comes from worry, from my mission being clouded by obstacles thrown at me from oppressors

But I always fight back
I been a fighter all my life
also a red black belt in some random white old guy’s made-up white dude system
I have been victimized and treated like shit
so I fight being like those assholes at every turn
I stand up. I am strong
I am tiernx and compassionate to me
I deviate and I hurt me but, like, yeah, that’s the cycle of abuse and ptsd

– Step 1: say – I am sorry
– Step 2: say – Please forgive me
– Step 3: say – Thank you
– Step 4: say – I love you

I am not sorry to myself
I don’t want or need forgiveness of myself
this is life
this is the part called pain and survival
this is fuckin up and learning thru life

Thank you for learning how to thrive and for holding on to, uplifting others along the way!!!
I love you so very much!!!

If I have hurt myself it was them teaching me to do so
they don’t deserve forgiveness and I did nothing wrong
I stop when I catch myself enacting their harmful teachings
I have unlearned being like them
mis mayores me enseñaron
mis mayores me enseñaron
mis mayores me enseñaron
mis mayores me enseñaron
mis mayores me enseñaron
mis mayores me enseñaron

Perdono a elles, mis queridos
sufrieron tanto y se mataban segurandome el futuro
Elles les perdono por razones q no escribo aqui

They suffered for me to be free of mercy. They taught me how to be loving with myself, the ways to be free
I know now how to treat myself, how to heal, how to love more fully, authentically
There is no timeline for fucking up and learning, hurting and growing it just is
The ho’oponopono is NOT a challenging concept in MY culture
This is our way of life, we keep moving towards Liberation away from cultures that teach us to demean ourselves

it ran in my family until it ran into me

it ran in my family until it ran into me

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