A single spark can start a spectral fire

There are those who see me as fire
Those that nourish and fuel my flames
Those that care after and tend to my soul
Those who wish to bring me joy and liberation

Single sparks are spectral fires

Clelia Rodriguez is someone I respect so honestly, fervently that it is the greatest compliment I may have ever received (or one of).

In 2019 I made the decision to never work for a PWI again and it’s been fulfilling process and to be poor but a mi manera es todo

Starting with the Schomburg interview then Cal State and Bank Street, I was humanized and encouraged to be all of my authentic self – why would I choose to be any other way?


At the end of 2020 I decided to stop allowing White people and White sympathizers in my spaces – ONLY White Traitors and Abolitionist are allowed in some of my spaces

I have 389$ in my bank account after using my Stimulus to pay off my car so I don’t have to worry about that expense. In another “Savings” account I have a little over $2000 which I have to use half of to pay federal taxes

I am 36

I have a high school diploma + BA + MSEd + PhD (almost) + 15+ years experience


It is an absolute injustice that I made just barely $14,000 last year working three jobs (2 universities and a non-profit) and several other unpaid labors for my community (which is done out of love but also is unjust that I’m not living well enough to contribute what we all need)

$14,000 is what I made in 10 months working for RadioShack at 18 years of age during my senior year of high school

It is an absolute injustice that the more experience I’ve gained and more titles and degrees have led me to more poverty and more disrespect in public and private spaces

Building Safe and Brave spaces for us to be authentically ourselves

and to be joy-full is everything I am working towards and everything I fight towards

I am a catalyst and if that inspires you than so be it – welcome!!

If not, da igual – our fight is bigger than you

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