Expletives Galore

It’s been nearly a year that I had sex with a man

My dating pool is now exclusive to only Black and Brown folx gravitating towards Abolitionist. I may fuck between “aware” people…

White savior woke performative allies are soooooo NASTY. But indifference is repulsive. Defensive White and White passing people through denial are heartaches.

I am one of the horniest people I know and I’m manifesting my desires. I am turned on by real leftists and turned off by liberals and disgusted by moderates and enraged by conservatives. My cosmobiovision is central in my life and my partner(s) need to be in it. My politics have dominated all aspects of my life. It’s shocking sometimes. Then I remember, such is the path that my ancestors built. I’m supposed to blah bidiblaah

I am not sorry. There were some grossass White people in my life that I just erased. I’m between the generations that makes some passive aggressive shit out of erasing people online not in real life. I’m in the liminal space – that generation that just don’t give a fuck – that I’m pretty fuckin clear about who I am and you should fuckin know that if you wanna be in my life, You are In My Life. Work for it. Be present / You do not just get to have access to my resources and my people you leech! Otros me dan tanta pena. Much too many of yall just BORING

I’m so sad about it

Your life is a predictable series of mundaness; your mediocrity cums when something extra ordinary pops up. Like a chance to be in the spotlight about your goodness. Before George Floyd died publicly, you only cared about Black people when you wanted to get into

a Black party.

b) you wanted some weed

c) <insert Black recognized celebrity/celebration>

d) you ain’t do shit 360 days a year for no Black persons except the three wannabe-White ones you keep around to validate your dull existence

Rest in Power Maximillian Miguel Monroy Miller

<Pictures to come>

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