350 days since quarantine

Bryan would have been 33 today

We had Phoenix Amor 10 months (from our awareness)

All the stages of grief are cycling round my veins through my ears and out of my eyes

Today lust is primary

Growth Spurts

I create. Make time and space for my joy, rest and nourishment

I keep myself in the company of real comrades and community who take care of me and show me love

I have 2 savings accounts with consistent savings

I refuse to work for predominantly White institutions/staff (have not since 2019)

I pledge not to fuck (with) White people anymore (have not since 2019)

I commit to cutting off the boring, complacent, assimilationist posers in my life who bring me no joy or even humor

I scrub out transactional relationships and remove colonial structures in my relationships

I commit to me this year hasta q me amarren y me aman asi

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