Phd Year 6: P’unllalla

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🧿Need more creative comrades with conviction around me 🧿

Not just a craving, in order to thrive, I need to be surrounded by Black and Brown folxs and White comrades who are purposeful with their day-to-day life choices. Who are earnest about praxis. Who are committed to the thriving of Black and Brown folxs. Academics are NOT leading the revolution. A great many simply want to be in control, to be like White men, to feel power. Ugggh y duele – the POC who want “a seat at the table” or who aspire to be the 1% or a celebrated, influencer, best-selling, thirst-followed, fangirled, likes-ho… whatever it is that tickles your consumerist cappie White wannabe lifestyle… so very sad… some yall proudly show off your chains!! Many others simply want to fit in, to jump on the bandwagon, to find their place since they have none outside of PWIs. The most disappointing realization I’ve had in the past 5 years is that a lot of folxs I looked up to or hoped to learn alongside going in to PhD studies have more in common with the PWI than I – and they like it. I did not choose PhD studies to learn who I am or what I’m about. Everyone knows who I am and what I’m about, me first.

I came to expand who I am and what I’m about, to build with like-minds

Black Indigenous Liberation

Forgive and forget?

Excuse me while I vomit over here

the Black elite are not the vanguard (Mallett, 2020; Rennie-Hill, 1995)

Left Onodaga Lands for Seminoles on October 7

#LovecraftCountry Syllabi is what I need more of

Life is better than ever as I sift thru and remove the decay

need some more worms to help break apart, break down, essential-ize

I spend most of my days reading writing doing artivism and now SLEEPING much more!!

Nearing 36 I live my life EXACTLY how I want

it ain’t easy

I love the struggle tho

Vivo a mi manera

Yupaychani Pachamama

The struggle is literal

it’s not only on holidays that we honor the dead and other living beings

we don’t kill for decorations or waste selfishly or spend and pray on designated cappie days

COVID19 is still taking lives

On Indigenous People’s Day, A group of us (>50) were surrounded 360 by about 30 cops after a group of old White folxs called them when we met at Cristobal Colon statue with red paint, which washed out in the rain just as the fuzz and their weapons arrived on bike

Heh, I currently work part time earning less money than I’ve ever made, without any benefits but I am at my happiest working for an amazing incredible scholar and person – for the 2nd time in my life I feel humanized at work. I feel valued, intelligent…. Cops scare me, have abused me irl, but I don’t give a fuck.

I know where I ought be

The choir sings
And la da di la di da da da, dah
Only he can save my soul
And I know the money don’t really make me whole
The magazine covers drenched in gold
The dreams of granny in mansion and happy
The little things I need to save my soul

Africans were enslaved and brought to Ecuador 467 years ago. 123 years ago Jamaicans and Central Americans were recruited to Ecuador to build “the most challenging and expensive” railway system in la Nariz del Diablo commissioned by Eloy Alfaro (I just bought and will start soon Luz Argentina Chiriboga‘s book).

A shitton of folxs learn(ed):

Latin American = roots in the Americas

Hispanic = roots in Spain

Afrodescendant = roots in Africa

Chican@ = U.S. person with Mexican ancestry (can be Hispanic, Latinx and or have Afrodescent)

Hispanófono = Spanish speaking

Lusófono = Portuguese speaking

Anglophone = English speaking
But “Latinx” now means non-Black and non-Indigenous?

If your relationship to land is hella White, your religion is hella White, your customs and traditions are hella White (and match the gregorian calendar’s, named after a pope of your faith), your values are hella White and your food is hella White, sorryNotsorry, you WHITE (and your skin [and blood quantum] is also actually White, don’t front, we can all see you!!)

I literally voted so They would stop harassing me. Yall don’t remember Bush? Not talkin to yer folxs about 45 4 years ago?

This ain’t Chile. Or Bolivia. O mi Ecuador :/



SOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. (White and yt-wannabes) Millenials are much too fake dramatic for me!!

Yes, you’re right. This life is not financially rewarding. You will not gain any more respect or be congratulated publicly. Shit is very emotionally, physically, financially, socially draining in real life. Yes. And we knew you’d jump in conveniently (and to spice up your boringass resume) and then we knew yalld burn out. yall come and go. your struggle is momentary. your bougie can’t handle the proletariat. you don’t know ratchet in real life only in your entertainment choices when you’re in public’s view or earshot. Yes. We seen you yesterday doing nothing. Nothing has changed. You are exactly who you been all along.

Fuck all yall is how I feel at the moment when people are talking (again) about “leaving the country if whatshisnastyWhiteface wins”. Like we never had a racist misogynist piece of shit in office.

You’re worried about a fucking fascist motherfucker NOW?!


What changed for you all a sudden?

“If you voted for 45, swipe right” – SHUT THE FUCK UP. THAT’S NOT A PERSONALITY TYPE. You’re just a voter. Every 4 years and occasionally when your more-woke gf tells you to. so that no one sees you being racist in public. or on paper.

oh, your activism extends beyond what you get paid to do? you also do charity for your church? Pssst, church is exactly colonialism. You ain’t radical to nobody!!


YOUR EGO shit is interrupting the REVOLUTION

the revolution didn’t start with me

ya me ojearon una vez

yall so fuckin gross stubborn about shit you ain’t ever been about till today

yall so fuckin attention-hungry

yall so fuckin BORING


that’s all I’m about to continue to say about all this nonsense liberal fearmongering

and also

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