2020 Kaypacha – 210 Covid19 days in PhD Yr 6

Current mood: Lovecraft Country

I appeared on Abya Yala under a waxing crescent aquarius moon 13,056 days ago

23:06 was recorded as an extremely fierce arctic outbreak occurred on the day that I arrived

My powerful and glorious Luz had a plan siguiendo el camino de Alina y el Joso

My brilliant and visionary Líder had a plan siguiendo los pasos de Asturia y Manuel

They gifted me many powers that became and are becoming

sensing seeing feeling thinking smelling

el Condor, el Puma, la Serpientes y les chupaflor (picaflor) me guian

la mariposa signifies transformation

I am already in and on my way


A butterfly chilled with me just now

I shall join the process and enjoy it.

At the very moment (when I wrote this 2 days ago) there is an intense downpour on the Seminole Lands with whom I visit and share

also metaphorically

I am full

My mind, body and spirit estan llenos de plátano asado con atún

I see a clearer safer, more love-filled and more just path from here until then and there

Tulsa showed me the same symbols again and again

no sé que cómo donde cuando exácto

Empieza mi viaje en la carretera
Por fin camino sóla en mi casita con ruedas
El tiempo será pa’ mi lo que yo quiera que sea
Nunca un nido, nunca un muro
Sólo lo que yo quiera

Recorro montañas, desiertos, ciudades enteras
No tengo ninguna prisa
Paro donde quiera
La música que llevo será mi compañera

Aprendí a escuchar las noches
No pienso enterrar mis dolores
Pa’ que duelan menos
Voy a sacarlo de dentro cerca del mar
Pa’ que se lo lleve el viento

Anishinaabewaki was full of pain in various realms of knowing at once and immediately

Must I have experienced that

That way…



I Am

I persist because I am resilient and strong and brilliant and just-filled and love-filled

Joy-filled Inventory for 2020 thus far:

More profound self love and self respect ✔️

Deeper relationships ✔️

SDnR ✔️

Artivism every place I stop ✔️

Travel (3 countries and 18 states since January) ✔️

Honorable, dignified job, incredible boss ✔️

That ABD life ✔️

2 Fellowships, 2 more substantial ones maybe coming ✔️

The World is Almost Ready for What I Got Comin 😉


Total cases 50,858Recovered-Deaths 1,729


Total cases 156K+692Recovered 134KDeaths 12,453+9
86% recovery rate!!


Total cases 41.1M+297KRecovered 28MDeaths 1.13M+4,028
68% recovery rate!!

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