quarante jours en quarantaine

Current Mood: This Ain’t No Pussy Shit x bell hooks

Ma in realtà sono passati più di quaranta giorni…

c’est vrai

Beginning my day with hooks is such a treat. I’m beginning as many days as I can with myself and other women and nonbinary people of Color from now on…

Today I woke up this morning with unrest (my body and mind don’t match; when my body is tired my brain awake and vice versa). I took pics of my hands because I am loving my transformations. My skin is  tightening and clearing out (I only have 2 visible scars on my face/cheek and eyebrow area) and my hair and nails are stronger than ever.

Si dejo de pensá en todo y empiezo a pensa en mí
Y empiezo a pensá en mí y empiezo a pensá en mí

After much heartache, I’m feeling more and more like myself each day. Pictured below are my hands, first view of the day. I haven’t had naturally evenly strong nails in years (it feels like). I’ve been sewing and making some crafts and my wrists and elbow hurt but I appreciate the pain in creation.


I left NYC 40 days ago and it saddens me but, actually, I’m more connected than ever to my belovèd… so far in the many groups and meetings and celebrations, I’ve connected specifically with 2 new people (in the last 2 weeks) to build up my school and gained lots of other connections for other projects due to our virtual organizing. It’s so much easier to connect with folxs this way… I’d been wasting too much energy trying to push “nice” (liberal) folxs I know to support me and the struggle but WHAT A BAD IDEA.



find sexy

I don’t give 2 shits for your liberal views or decolonial thoughts – wtf  do we do with your thoughts? No, I do not trust allies who wear diamonds or have $1000 phones or are about name brands or celebrities or believe voting means anything close to solidarity work, IT IS A LOT OF FUCKIN WORK, no time for fuckery… Also, Fuck kristianity… I just can’t even begin to comprehend how you can even pretend to decouple such violent religions and beliefs and action…

This is from today:




Ten years ago I wrote: “There will come a day when humans will be forced to eat their way through giant escargot.”

No idea why

I do recall that my political opinions began to spread around social media during that ^ time, which occurred specifically to show solidarity with the Arab Spring protests in Tunisia and then around the world.

I have not been motivated to write much, not here or there or anywhere except in small chunks of in-between thoughts

Other views:






This seemed like a bouquet to me


This was the most intriguing photo of the day…. I stared for a while








Indigenous people face down zombies and win in ‘Blood Quantum’

Grief & COVID19

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