Day 29

Current Mood: (the best part of my day)

One of those youth rapping is the son of badass, I AM AN EDUCATOR.

In other news, humanity has lots of light and a lot of the utterly disturbed absurd – hatred emblazoned before our eyes. The emperor has no clothes on but it seems a lot of people still refuse to see


Papi and Mami recorded my first sounds on cassettes. We no longer have tape players but each of us 5 have held on to some of our most beloved. In one of my favorites that I hope to recuperate some day, a whole feels-like-half-a-day baby me is repeating

Carro carro carro carro correo carro correo corrrrrreeeo carro carro

Today I think my baby sounds were self-soothing and fun for my family.

My language changed often and my parents captured a lot of it. They also attempted to enrich their children’s lives by taking turns trying 3 languages with us. For the first few years of my life, I did not understand monolingualism. My HeadStart Teachers in NYC and most of my peers looked like me, spoke like me, and made sense to me. Cassette recordings during this time evidence my sounds then. Inventing stories was a pastime since I learned to talk – elders sometimes tell me that no one quite knows when I learned to read because I always grabbed books and “read” (sometimes they’d catch me totally just reading pictures, but that’s kinda reading too, eh?). My 4 year old Brooklyn accent is thick in those cassette recordings. “Throw me a bawl.” Lotta ahs and aws cme out then…

In Kindergarten, now in Central Florida, teachers did not look like me and kids that looked like me weren’t treated kindly. One of my earliest memories is kids laughed when I asked for my colcha. No one knows what a colcha is? We get colchas during nap time every damn day… Ms. Zagnoli, my first White teacher, had very long straight pelo color de ñoña asoliada – sometimes she’d let us braid her hair when it was reading time.

My ahijade and I were chatting about piano. I stated that piano was my favorite instrument thinking they’d say, “me too.” Instead, they instructed:

Ask me what was My first instrument.

What was you first instrument?

My voice!

My two youngest niblings sing for the better part of the day and it’s wonderful to witness. The baby even sings while eating sometimes; it’s so adorable.

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