422 months 3 weeks in Pachamama

Current Mood: Don’t Rush x Young T & Bugsey (ft. Headie One) 

I’ve been feeling feelings


Been feeling exulansis for a while. I feel burnt out. Often it’s as though I don’t even know why I do what I do – like who cares? Who cares deeply? Who knows how support looks, feels? If you don’t give a shit about my values, it’s difficult for me to give a shit about you (but I fuckin try, feelin foolish).


I have only worn this tee in public in Cuba. I like how my body looks in it now

Screenshot_20200415-224022_2.pngSo, fuck humility, right? There’s a lot of self esteem in here. I am top caliber of a person, friend, lover and I fight like hell to support and uplift my loved ones (even the annoying ones I disagree with sometimes). I deserve reciprocal love and fighting. These folxs been teaching me how to love in various ways for over a decade:Screenshot_20200415-202154.png

This has been coming up this week as I apply for jobs and think about who, what, where I want to be surround by – NOT the folxs who only write about equity and or social justice,  who buy into #traumaporn:Screenshot_20200415-222628 (1)

Not racial imposters (which it’s like a fad right now, like astrology and this fakeass public spirituality) – it’s so nasty:


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