Current mood: Ilaló x Chancha Via Circuito

Tortillas de choclo are made with grated/blended sweet, milky, yellow corn kneaded into a dough and filled with cheese, MMmmmm:IMG_20200411_103003_HDR (1).jpg

The view today was incredible thought I only caught this one photo:IMG_20200411_130400_HDR (1).jpgToday felt productive. I converted ~8 pages to 2 (my 50 single-spaced pages need to be 30 double spaced). It’s been two years since I started working on my dissertation proposal. That makes sense to no one! How does this happen to a 5th year PhD? All will be revealed some day to everyone. Right now I’m in such a foul mood about it I’d rather not write some meanass shit and get myself in trouble.


This reminds me of el Che


By @astropapi


Y alli esta…. el yin y yang…


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