Movimentos em treze dias

Vocalización o canto de los pájaros durante el alba.


Birdsong at dawn.



We shared our curls under our collective humming as I showed my gratitude for helping with oxygen and providing me such beauty for 13 days. In these moments, I remembered roadtripping around la sierra with prima Anita, tio Milton and primo Josue looking for a special bakery that does something incredible. Rosquitas were fun and the dulces con cafe amazing – but, in truth, I hardly recall how good it was, mostly because everything I eat in Ecuador is delicious and fresh each and every time; I can count on it. On that trip we got on the border of Ecuador/Colombia and decided not to cross because the security line was too long (and like fuckin scary with heavily armed “authorities”); despues Tulcán – we spent time visiting the dead at the most intricately designed cemeterythe most intricately designed cemetery I’ve ever seen; and we also visited Las Cascadas de Peguche – which is a magical place where we hike through around in over water to bless ourselves and hug trees (literally) to vent our sorrow.


Screenshot_20200406-110838        Screenshot_20200406-111154

I drove faster than I should down the mountain range – speeding is fun but stupid!! – and took a few different, “new” routes. What an expensive place hidden away with no people darker than I visible… At one point I saw the base of the teleférico which I “visited” on two days. It was cool looking up at the stillness of the place where I spent a couple sunsets:


Today felt alleviating. Letting go happened some. I stopped a lot due to weird head pains and body stiffness plus drinking too much water and needing to venture out to pee in secluded places. I saw way too many people out today. Then, I picked up Octavia Butler again for a bit before a talk about Venezuela con Carlos Ron:Screenshot_20200406-190319

Via The People’s Forum NYC, I kept some of her words  in mind while the leftist chat enlivened me once more. I’m about solidarity – if I ever need the reminder, I know who to surround myself with.

“Civilization is to groups what intelligence is to individuals. It is a means of combining the intelligence of many to achieve ongoing group adaptation. Civilization, like intelligence, may serve well, serve adequately, or fail to serve its adaptive function. When civilization fails to serve, it must disintegrate unless it is acted upon by unifying internal or external forces.”


Since I was driving I left notes (hopefully to be transcribed some day) for my future writing. Most consistently, what stuck the most was about how to rethink our collective action.

“Intelligence is ongoing, individual adaptability. Adaptations that an intelligent species may make in a single generation, other species make over many generations of selective breeding and selective dying.”

Then some more Butler:


“I’m trying to speak–to write-the truth. I”m trying to be clear. I’m not interested in being fancy, or even original. Clarity and truth will be plenty, if I can only achieve them.”


I had not seen the Simpsons in years. I saw it as I skimmed through Hulu (this morning) and just picked this episode. I didn’t wanna center this shit so putting it last on today’s post. While I appreciate the real-life references the show makes, I’m troubled because I know little comes from the social political commentary made by tv. People move so quickly through news – consumption – without analysis. What is this “pretendian” shit popping up everywhere nowadays? It’s very similar to the Oppression Olympics things happening where there is such gross competition for resources that people title themselves (Exagerated Visibility – which I will touch up tom – as my researc flows) with all their #traumaporn #sobstories. I’m deeply disturbed. Mostly because the most oppressed of folxs are still the most invisiblized (more on this tom).

Screenshot_20200407-140841That’s all anybody can do right now.


Brasil tem 566 mortes e 12.232 casos de coronavírus…


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