On the 12th day I tended to my joy


Today was a very quiet day. I watched a couple How to Get Away with Murder then I made breakfast, skim-read headlines and Average Acceptance Now, Bob Marley & the Wailers Drum Intros in Chronological Order, Black Thought,  packed the car a bit and headed back to Mount Harrison exploring some more spots.

Also made a brilliant no-sew mask today.



I am grateful for Luna in my life. Extra grateful I did not sell her. She has been sturdy, dependable, reliable, rugged the way I like…



I love bees so much!! These past 12 days I’ve spent a lot of time with bees, other bugs and lots of birds and rodents – I’m mesmerized by their singing, scurrying about, chilling watching me back…. ha. Today and yesterday two acorn-sized bees were playing tag, I assumed. Were they mating?




I love these ^ people.

Our interactions are what dreams are made of. We are all about the same fight so we help each other heal and push each other forward. #solidaridad We share resources, socio psychological emotional support and now – this is where dreams comin true – I am so grateful that we’re doing fun stuff like this virtually. I like my solo time and  if I get 1-2 hours like this a couple times a week, I’d be unstoppable. It’s just inspiring and motivating around these educator folxs, who uplift so many communities.

FMFP19 Open Mic night was a hit. We dedicated it to our loved ones who have passed. I read “Solo Le Pido a Dios” by Leon Geico, translating to English and theIn I read my “Liminal Spaces,” which felt great. The others were FIRE!! We are gonna throw in other art forms next time like dance and body art 🙂

My sister shared this to us and made me laugh some:



I’m learning how to slow down. My body thanks me.



Tomorrow to Florida, slowly, carefully and around Atlanta because it’s becoming a very sick area rapidly. I took pleasure in packing today. The carefulness needed in life sometimes, the precision, is lovely at times…

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