Sweet Solace on Day 11

Manu Chao cantando Jeanette me cambio el dia.

Clarita died on Sunday and Monica has contracted covid19 nursing people at a hospital in NYC. 64,753 out of 1,202,236 have recuperated worldwide, which is ~5%!! I’m tryin to be hope-full…

Navajo Nation has now 321 COVID-19 cases and 13 total deaths as of Saturday! Navajo County:137 Apache County:31 Coconino County:90 McKinley County: 17 San Juan County:30 Cibola County:7 San Juan County (Utah): 7 Socorro (NM): 2

Talking with my mami calmed me lots even though we spoke of the horrors happening in nuestra tierra. I am disoriented today (like the double 8th days posts). I awoke with a headache and queasy and was petrified for a moment. Then, I felt serene.

I kept thinking our Free Minds Open Mic Screenshot_2020-04-04-21-53-48was tonight so I worked for a while. I took my last adderall and applied for 2 jobs and emailed a few people and posted on SM some while dancing to some music… a lot of the Tosca Tango Orchestra today.

Then, I practiced my ukulele, Quijote, quickly and headed out around 18:00, deciding I’ll just read the poem I wrote for “Speaking for Ourselves“. I been writing some verses tho. If I were to ever perform live, this is the crew to do it with. My FMFP group is kind and supportive and about this life!

At first, I went on feet but then went back to drive to a new spot – up the mountain this time. Que curiosidad! The following moments were amazing:

Sintiendooooo Sintiendo oooo

Queriendooooo oooooh

You know my function, as long as I’m alive Imma live illegal…  but worth all the risk, including my dumbass driving and running up and down a steep mountain without safety boundaries in oldass boots. This was all kindsa silly; I reeked of sweaty armpits, which I kinda like the smell now…. then I explored some, which was great. My mini keychain tool doubled as a joint holder – that brought me delight. I spotted a water park of the sorts from the highest peak today – fuckin richers. So Pleasantville were the houses I stumbled upon just before rushing home thinking I was an hour late to the start of our Open Mic:

21:41 I cleared 87 tabs on my phone and cleared the home screen of everything except whatsapp and the weather. There were 5 tabs on my other phone and I did the same. MY laptop had several word docs and pdf files plus a few dozen tabs open in 3 Mozilla screens and 3-4 Chrome screens. Maybe 8 Google docs open and my emails from both institutions and 1 personal email additional to FB Twitter news….. then deleted IG, FB, Twitter will be next.





My hair looked fabulous after a good long hot shower so I photographed away. Kinda felt sexy all day… after such solemn days, it was great to feel solitude in sweetness, gratutude, joy, appreciation – so much beauty today 🙂






22:45 Meditation


This was exciting for a second:


Does not always remind me of the vapid, boring loser abuser… I once knew… just sometimes…


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