…il decimo giorno

Current mood: 

soñé otro mundo…

un amor de noche y de dia…

de mi luna que no se rendía…

I had two eighth days

I wrote an email to my advisor and got all my grading done. It’s quite nice that my students are still bringing in deep convos tho I’m being lax about grading and they know they’re all getting As. I love my students. I haven’t felt this with previous college students.

I was going to post a photo that pisses me off. I’m privileged and honored to be here each day awakening to the sounds of passerine birds singing and rustling sounds of chipmunks and other small life. I played the dawn chorus for my mother, who knew all the sounds. Those birds travel to Ecuador too and have left stories there. Sometime at night I noticed a sombra. Today I saw a black garbage bag was hanging from a tree, I love watching dance in the wind with birds perched on its branches.

One of my favorite posts I saw today:




Screenshot_20200403-142941~2The best part of right now is us coming together to hope, wish and plan for revolutionary changes.

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