Après un Semaine de la Peste : Alors on danse

Current Mood: La Peste x Camus read by my papi send via WhatsApp

NYC asked us to self-isolate for 14 days. One week down. One week to go.

My day began uneasy because I awoke with a headache. Ooof, everything is scary nowadays. Our family’s WhatsApps haven’t changed much during this time – I prefer messaging with memes, links etc and voice memos (we all kinda do some form of this mostly daily) > phone calls or live video calls. But I love seeing our kids in real time. Now I see them more cos school’s out. Our Sebastian is cute as ever – I love his bilingualisms and silly personality already. After our chat, my morning continued thru listening to a message my father sent a couple days ago. He read a few minutes of La Peste en su Español. I realized I had a little bit of water left in my last gallon so instead of doing a morning run or something fitness-y I went to Walmart (I also needed to get panties as I’m all out). I was kinda ashamed but grateful, as mami says, I live on this land and have so much more than I ever need – like a corporation open during a pandemic. Guilt free now.

I can’t wait to color this!!
When I got back from Walmart, FB asked me if I wanted to tag myself in this photo from high school. I was amused at my high school looks. Then I felt my fondness for Andrew, the only person who I still KIT with and who I will have our complicated lovely relationship till death; this I know. That’s all the memories I even remember of those newspaper days. I kinda felt bad that I didn’t remember this one (of majority yt lady teachers) I had K-23.

Then I did Twitter and other social media for most of the day….

@arte_x_sucre like @v_o.vane
I liked this lots

Coronavirus Cases:

858,371view by country





~4% deaths reported

~20% recovered

Is that promising?

Is that math correct?

I looked up my birth chart because there are a lot of astrology popping up and I’m just going with it. Air that I am, afterall. So Chani Nichols explained that I am: Born under this phase, you must learn how to follow and honor your impulses, instincts, and intuition. You will need to set out on a new path for yourself and will generally have the energy, desire, and drive to do so.

GENERALLY. I’m so uninspired lately. Motivation is increasing with these Haymarket, Verso, People’s Forum etc talks. I’m hopeful it will only expand. I made some earrings today. I’d forgotten to celebrate renewal. 21 March is Mushuk Nina – casi me olvido

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