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Transformation sponsored by #wasipisakiri #nopagodeudaexterna #solidaridad day 3 or 6 #whoknows. The last time I touched a person was March 19… yadayada. Who knows how this shit spreads? From Canarsie lands through Osage, Calucuas and Monacan lands and now seven days on ᎠᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi lands. Today I felt much strength and hope in #Seeding #notCeding It’s that #toquedequeda lyfe. I have not left the condo all day. I did a 9am CITE writing group then a CLS writing at 16:00. I had just coffee before noon. For brunch I had melted cheese on black beans and beef hot dogs over cut up blue tosted tortillas with jugo de guava. Then beets, almonds, a NutriGrain bar and some Nutella and coconut water for a snack. Spicy popcorn with melted cheese and tea for dinner. I am going to eat everything I have before shopping again. I will go out and do some walking in the sunlight tomorrow.

On a mission to find recipes for these.

A liberar, a liberar

A liberar, a liberar

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