La Hora Sonó

Current mood: So What x Miles Davis

We are being controlled

in real time
Lockdowns so

They can sweep the streets
of us
Distracted so
We cannot see their bailouts

Pachamama is restoring balance

reminding us we need to care better

212 cases in Singapore, 304 in Israel, 47 in Poland, 28 in Russia

1 death in Guyana, Panama and Guatemala, 2 deaths in Ecuador and Argentina, 12/140=8% death in Philippines, 10/124=8% in Iraq, 2503/31,506 = 7% in italy, 1135/17,361=6% in Iran, 558/13,716=4% in Spain,3/99=3% in Lebanon, 3241/81102=3% in China, 72/1960 = 3%in UK, 3/129=2% in Hong Kong, 43/1710= 2% in Netherlands, 29/1438=2% in Japan, 1/49 = 2% in Taiwan, 3/129= 2% in India, 2/126=1% in Egypt, 148/7696=1% in France, 114/649 =1% in US, 4/352=1% in Greece, 27/2700= 1% in Switzerland, 84/8413= >1%in South Korea,26/9877=>1% Germany, 1/221=>1% in Bahrain, 3/377= >1% in Australia, 1/177= >1% in Thailand

The stories I hear from others is enough. They all live like I do. Now. Can we all just enjoy the solitude for a while? Speaking only to improve the silence. I’ve spiraled back to jazz during this time. Just like that. Trumpets, the sax, percussion, el piano… bring me solace even though I am not fearful of disease. Of all Her creatures people frighten me most.

¿De que serían capaz?

Nothing is planned. I may be out of this apartment by the end of next week. C’est tout. Those who won’t change, can’t come. Those who won’t change, can’t complain!




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