Après un Semaine de la Peste : Alors on danse

Current Mood: La Peste x Camus read by my papi send via WhatsApp NYC asked us to self-isolate for 14 days. One week down. One week to go. My day began uneasy because I awoke with a headache. Ooof, everything is scary nowadays. Our family’s WhatsApps haven’t changed much during this time – I preferContinue reading “Après un Semaine de la Peste : Alors on danse”

Stages of Grief: 6th day of Corona isolation

Ten years ago I learned that Carlos took his life. I still do not fully understand processing grief and trauma-informed practices though I’ve been trying to read and learn from art, music, movements, articles, books, workshops and talks etc for the past few years. Carlos and I shared few moments, few memories that I nowContinue reading “Stages of Grief: 6th day of Corona isolation”


Current mood: Knxwledge Transformation sponsored by #wasipisakiri #nopagodeudaexterna #solidaridad day 3 or 6 #whoknows. The last time I touched a stranger/person was March 19… yadayada. Who knows how this shit spreads? From Canarsie lands through Osage, Calucuas and Monacan lands and now seven days on ᎠᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi lands. Today I felt much strength and hopeContinue reading “#Wasipisakiri3”

el Toque de Queda: 2º Día

El Sentir: Sintiendo x Bomba Estéreo Hazle caso a tu madre. Les Andrades me hablaron, renegaron, se metieron al chismear… “cuidado con los… OJO al…!!” The Manabas keep reiterating that time is not linear. I am not a linear thinker and I am pushed to function in this temporal spatial dimension with a lot of linearContinue reading “el Toque de Queda: 2º Día”