Dear Men Allies

Do you consider yourself a feminist? An ally? Abolitionist? Do you put “leftist,” “swipe left if you voted for 45” on your dating profiles? Do you theoretically believe that women are your equals? Are the women you picture yourself allied to Black? Trans?

I’m open minded, you may say.

Even, I make space for women!

Are your female friends congratulatory of your wokeness or awed by your social justice praxis?

You are one of a few cis-men who “get it!”

The “only” “woke” guy around!

But do the women in your life challenge you? Do you accept it? Does it bother you when a woman calls you out? And do you have yourself some ratchet girl friends? Do they criticize you directly? Loudly? Unapologetically? Do you stand up for them? Would you fuck/respect/marry a kinky, slutty, ratchet putita who likes to be called/treated as such in the bedroom? Do you understand that she still requires consent?

Why does saying Black Lives Matter feel weird to you?

Or is there still a very rigid, antiquated definition of “respectability” in your mind?




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