The Seductress Recluse

Current Mood: Hands on the Wheel x ScHoolBoy Q Feat. A$AP Rocky

This feels like a coming-of-age novel. I have no job security, little funds, no completely concrete plans – where the fuck am I going to live next year? Will I get the assistantship I applied for so I can live outside of the Mitten? Who is going to support my ideas? Who do I ask? I will try to dedicate a few hours a day to reading and writing in nature, nearby water, art spaces, within near. I need only mental stimulation. I will be avoiding most people at all costs.

May has always been an interesting month for me in pasts. Nicolita’s born 1992. Bill Clinton mailed me a response 1994. NYC 2008. Publication 2011. Elliot 2011. A wild penultimate month in Shanghai, 2014. Our Sebastian was born last 18th.

In 3 days I’ll head to Chicago out of Michigan. I’m somewhat nervous. Will he be kind and sweet like before? Or someone else? Am I already someone else entirely?

Am I over-faded? Hell yeah it’s true
Turn a beat on, ain’t no limit to what I can do

Was considering catching LeJuan’s book tour in NYC (also Manny, Sam, Scarogni) by June 6th or else I will head to Colorado (Tawny for sure), Texas (the fam, maybe Hilary… Carlos?), all the green beauty we got in EEUU. I wanted to figure in Ecuador and then be back by FMFP July 11 but I may just fly in to that.



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