Unstoppable, she smiled

May 14, 2019 – You’re unstoppable today, Aquarius. It seems you can do anything. Your confidence and energy are high. There’s no question that you’re ready to take the world by storm. Is the world ready for you? Think carefully as you formulate plans for your new project. Whatever you do will succeed, but be sure you’re doing what you really want to do rather than what others expect of you.

Sultriness preceding a thunderstorm

Papi wants me close

Mami wants me happy

I want the fuck out of Michigan and the Midwest.

K’uei – Opposition The Clinging Flame

The Joyous Lake

Resolving to stand alone in his beliefs if he must, he is immediately joined by a kindred spirit.

A kindred spirit cuts through the barriers that separate you.
Can you cross the small distance remaining?

After long isolation and persecution, he sees even the one who loves him as a beast or demon.
If he will lay down his arms, they can advance toward good fortune together, through nothing more than a gentle rain.

Another turning point. I’m inspired in new ways.

The ugly has become easier to find

~The illusion of effortlessness requires a great effort indeed~

what we are beginning now has the power to disrupt, excite, and innovate for years to come.

Fragmented. Moreso in the company of others. They don’t make a lot of sense to me. All the advice and well-wishing of others (spiritual and irl) seems as though I don’t make sense to them. Somewhere this week I read something that was useful and I must keep at the core of my interactions:

Your Brain is your

main erogenous zone

verbal repartee

electrifying effect

melding of minds

an open-minded, intensely passionate

entirely unique experience

Entirely unique, open-minded, intensely passionate and erogenous zones is ALL I need, crave, want and seek for my thriving. But now pregunto:

¿Y dónde está mi gente?