~La ropa con la que mejor me veo
Es la del alma~

`I look my best in my soul`

*My soul dresses me best*

**The clothes that I look the best in is of the soul**

-Danay Suarez

The Joy-full Fight

Current mood: Chillax x Farruko and Ky-Mani Marley

Sharing space is special. I sometime place myself here or there in that idea or another just to try it out. Not all who wander are lost. No, I don’t speak truths here and there then and now. Different forms of language and philosophy happens with/out sound(s) in me. I totally understand how confusing I am to people. My friends are not just those who understand my language but who also trust me when I do not make sense (to them) in the moment. Best of all they don’t try to rearrange my sense, they are patient because they know and get excited to see how it all comes out lovely.

Life is good and I feel great and I’d like to thank myself

At the end of October 2019, just weeks after Tiernx’ murder, a new friend in my life who I just barely know showed me that she sees me, trusts me, supports me. She linked me to a position I hadn’t quite considered. I had 3 interviews between November and January. Each interview was better than the previous – leaving me feeling affirmed, validated, cared for, supported… we shared pain even in our talks, laughter, genuine interest in collaboration… I felt loved! Seen!

Que tienes tú
Que me gusta a mi
Me hace sentir
Bien chilling Baby
Tú me tienes sumergido en un trance
Solo te pido un chance
Un ratito contigo

My body no longer allows me to shield my emotions. I told my roommates I was going to make lentejas and my body made cazuela de atún con arroz. Probably something to do with the grass-mixed addy. Also when I sleep 6 hours or more a night my skin improves drastically and I lose weight…


Como solo tú lo sabes hacer bebe
Yo así mismo fue como yo lo soñé

My body keeps telling me to
notice the imperceptible
smell the pollen
see the blades of grass
saborea una puñalada de cilantro
caress the foams that ride the waves
hear the LIGHT UP

I am ignited

I am overjoyed
I will say yes!
Entonces bailame lento
Que yo quiero sentir tu cuerpo
Ya que cerquita yo te tengo
Ven aprovechemos el momento